Portrait photography

I can offer professional portrait photography in your own home or office at a fraction of the price of a commercial photography studio. Because my camera and lighting equipment is digital, fully portable and battery-powered I can set up and work quickly in a small space, with no mains cables getting in the way and with a minimum of disruption to your schedule. I can provide a traditional studio-type background (either blue, grey or white), or you can be photographed in your own surroundings, indoors or outdoors. The prices below are a guideline only. I will gladly consider other requirements. Also note that these prices assume that you are in the Exeter/East Devon area. I will happily travel further afield, but obviously travel costs will have to be included.

Single subject home or workplace portrait, 6-8 shots, typically 30 minutes
Family/company group portrait, 10-15 shots, typically 60 minutes
Mixed family package, group shot with several individual portraits, typically 90 minutes
Modelling/professional shoot, several costume changes/locations, typically 2+ hours
Price by arrangement

All prices include a contact sheet and sample prints of each successful shot, usually provided within 24 hours. Additional prints are extra. All my prints are done by an award-winning specialist photo printing company using premium-quality materials and the latest technology. Unlike some other photographers I don't simply run them off on a home inkjet printer. Again, the prices below are a guide, and are based on single prints. Discounts are available for multiple copies, and other sizes are available.

6x4 in (10x15 cm) snapshot-sized
10x8 in (25x20 cm)
A4 (29.7cm x 21cm)
15" x 10" (38cm x 25cm)
CD-ROM of picture files


Anna Wilson



Concert photography

Want me to come along and photograph your gig? I've got plenty of experience in low-light action photography, and can guarantee excellent results in most locations, although somewhere with good stage lighting is best. For a typical night's work, usually around 50-60 shots, I'll normally charge £125 plus cost per print similar to the prices for portrait photographs above. I might do a discount if I really like your band.

Aeon Festival




I said I'd never do another, but if you absolutely insist and pay me lots of money then yes, I'll come and do your wedding photos. For the full package, including all the usual photos - groom at church, bride arriving, signing the book, coming down the aisle, confetti, family shots etc. - I charge a basic £500. This includes a full wedding album of top-quality prints plus all your pictures safe and secure on a CD-ROM.


Photo re-touching

I write tutorials in how to use Adobe Photoshop, so I've got pretty good at using it too. If you've got an old or damaged photo that you'd like to have restored, or you'd like a composite image of a family group, or you just want to remove an ex-spouse from your holiday snaps, I'll take a look and give you an estimate, both of the price and the chance of success.